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Financial Transactions


All money collected should be deposited into your organization’s account by the next business day. Please follow these guidelines:

  • Submit a completed Deposit Slip, the funds and the supporting verification documentation to Business Services or in the After Hours Drop Box.
  • Individual receipts must accompany money received from dues, donations, merchandise sales, etc.
  • Receipt books are provided for organizations with a Business Services account free of charge; stop by Business Services to sign one out.
  • Set up your events in advance (at least one week) to obtain proper deposit verification documentation.
  • Use accurate account codes on the Deposit Slip (see Income – Chart of Accounts). If you are unsure about which code(s) to use, contact Business Services.
  • Money deposited without verification will be recorded as “Unverified”. If a deposit remains unverified for more than a week, your bank account will be restricted until the verification is received.
  • Endorse all checks being deposited with your Organization Name and ID.

If you have any questions about deposits, we will be more than happy to assist you via telephone (860-486-3163), email (, or at the front desk (SU 314).



The Treasurer’s signature is required on all Disbursement Requests unless he/she is the payee. Make sure the signatures on the Disbursement Request match the signatures on the current fiscal year’s Banking Contract. Disbursement Requests presented during regular banking hours with correct signatories, available funds, and complete information, will be processed immediately.

When completing a Disbursement Request form, please follow these guidelines:

  • The Treasurer’s signature is required on all Disbursement Requests unless he/she is the payee; in that case, the President must sign in place of the Treasurer.
  • The payee cannot sign for his/her own Disbursement Request.
  • Expense codes are provided in the Expenses – Chart of Accounts. Choose the one(s) that most accurately reflect your expenses. If you are unsure about which code(s) to use, contact Business Services.
  • It is recommended to present an invoice or other supporting documentation of the expense with the Disbursement Request (documentation will be returned to you).
  • Organizations may not withdraw money from their account if it is restricted. Reasons for an account restriction include:
    • Treasurer has not attended the Treasurer SOLID workshop,
    • One or more deposits are missing verification,
    • Current financial statement has not been submitted,
    • Event supplies have not been returned,
    • An outstanding check has not been resolved.

Transfers: A Disbursement Request made payable to another student organization with a Business Services account will automatically be processed as a transfer, regardless of the amount. Two General Journal (GJ) transactions will be created: one that deducts the funds from the originating account and one that deposits the funds into the receiving account. Each organization will be given a copy of the corresponding GJ and the funds will be immediately available to the receiving organization.

Small Dollar Reimbursements: Tier II organizations submitting a Disbursement Request that is a reimbursement made payable to an organization member and is in the amount of $100 or less will be processed as a Small Dollar Reimbursement (SDR). The disbursement will result in the payee receiving the funds in cash instead of a check. Organizations must give the completed Disbursement Request to the payee and he/she must deliver it to Business Services in person. The funds will only be disbursed directly to the payee. Proper identification from the payee will be required when the SDR is presented for processing.

Check Cashing: Business Services will cash any check that they have issued in the amount of $100 or less with proper identification.

Checks: Checks will be printed for any disbursement that does not fall under the categories of Small Dollar Reimbursement or Transfer. With a properly filled out Disbursement Request, your check will be created while you wait.

If you have any questions about disbursements, we will be more than happy to assist you via telephone (860-486-3163), email (, or at the front desk (SU 314).

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Drop–Off Check Request Service

This service allows Treasurers to drop off three or more Disbursement Requests (to be processed as checks or transfers) and return later (the next business day) to pick up the checks and paperwork. This service is intended to help Treasurers avoid long lines and to speed up the process of withdrawing funds from their account. The Check Request Drop-Off/Pick-Up Form is available at Business Services and online on the Forms Page. This service will also be used if disbursements are presented outside of regular banking hours.

Staff will need to review the Disbursement Requests to ensure that each request has:

  • Legible writing
  • Proper signatories/signatures
  • No restrictions on the account
  • Available funds
  • Accurate account codes
  • Specific descriptions
  • Properly initialed correction(s)


Cancelling Check

If you get a check processed and discover that it was printed with an error (incorrect amount or payee), keep the check. Bring the check back to Business Services and a staff member will make the proper adjustment to your account with a General Journal (GJ) transaction. This process also applies to checks you no longer need but still have in your possession.

If you get a check processed and discover that you no longer need the check, but you do not have the check, you can either print a “Stop Payment Request” from our Forms Page or pick up the form at our office where we will assist you in completing the form.


General Journal Transactions

General Journal transactions (GJs) are adjustments to your account that can either increase or decrease your account balance. These occur for a variety of reasons: balance increase due to transfers from UConn entities; balance decrease due to a bounced check; balance increase due to re-depositing a cancelled check; balance increase due to interest earned. The Treasurer of your organization will be notified when a General Journal transaction occurs. The Treasurer will need to sign the GJ. Once signed, the Treasurer will receive a copy for his/her records. The information will then need to be enter his/her Financial Workbook.

If you have any questions about GJs, we will be more than happy to assist you via telephone (860-486-3163), email (, or at the front desk (SU 314).

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