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Officer Training

“Organizational Financial Management” Workshops

Organizational Financial Management workshops are mandatory for the Treasurers of Tier II student organizations. An organization will not be able to withdraw funds from their Business Services bank account unless the Treasurer has attended this workshop.

Students will receive training regarding banking responsibilities, creating a budget plan, managing events, administering income and expenses, recording transactions and reporting financial status using sound fiscal and accounting practices. Students will be introduced to the three types of transactions (deposits, disbursements and adjustments) and have an opportunity to practice completing a deposit and a disbursement. Treasurers will receive guidance on how to use their Financial Workbook. Policies and procedures on Risk Management and Banking Regulations are also discussed.

Although the workshop is only required for Treasurers, all other student organizational officers are invited and encouraged to attend the “Organizational Financial Management” Workshop!

In addition to the Treasurer workshop, there are also mandatory SOLID workshops for the President (COO) and Secretary (SEC).

See SOLID Training website for more information.